Black Women White Males Dating Websites Not Operating For You?

A survey of recently married people shows that 17 percent of the people that participated met their wives or husbands online through dating sites. Some say that means that 83 percent did not, so the result is not relevant. To me, the percentage is more than relevant, considering the fact that most people have the luck to find a spouse in school, at work, in their circle of friends and so on. But for the less lucky ones, the online dating scene became in the last years a breath of fresh air.

Do you yearn for those times when you got calls from the bank to remind you that you have overdrawn your account or before you check bounces? How about pens aren’t chained or there’s a free shoeshine service at the lobby? Bank employees know their client’s by first names? Recall those old standards and apply it to your present business.

Or in many cases the lack of one. Many people do not even make the effort to fill out the profile completely or for that matter even upload a picture. You can visit many a and see the anonymous logo instead of an actual photo. If they do fill out the profile it’s so general that it still does not give a person any idea in who they may be dealing with. Sadly, in some instances the people writing the best profiles are scam artists from Nigeria.

I was confused about online dating service at first. After I played around with one dating fish service, it was so easy and simple to use. Most dating fishing services online have the same steps that singles must follow. That is, you must register for a profile before contacting other single fishes. Fish dating services are different from personals ads from advertising websites. You have to create a personal ad. Then, you can contact plenty of fishes online waiting for their partners. To fish singles and to fish personals, you need to be polite to write to other single fish. If you are nice to them, then they will be nice to you.

Graphics are great, but if they take more than 20 seconds to download or cause my laptop to freeze up or display crude or sexually suggestive animations, your page will get skipped.

If someone’s profile states that they are married or involved and are “only here for friendship and networking” yet their ad states “Please have a picture on your profile if you contact me. No picture. No response,” tells you exactly what he or she is looking for: trouble and their next victim. The fact that a married man or woman or an individual in a relationship is on a dating website should be a big red flag for you. Leave them to their own madness. Besides, an honorable, married person would not search for friendship or networking contacts on a dating website. If they are truly looking for friendship, you wouldn’t need to provide a picture in order to be their “platonic friend,” and they wouldn’t use a dating web site to look for platonic friends.

Now think about that scenario for a minute. After merely a week I have one woman I’m dating and technically I had 9 “rejections” in one form or another. This doesn’t even count the ten messages I can send the next day and the day after. Or the fact that I could have already been doing this and dating one or more women I met on an online Doctors Dating. It could easily get to a point where all of your time is consumed with dating.

What many guys do not realize is they may not even be communicating with a women, it is probably some Russian guy from a scamming ring, need we say any more on the matter, other than the guy loses his money. With a damaged ego to go with it.

Step 3- Good pictures are very important. You need to upload several. Make sure your pictures are clear with no red eye. You want your pictures to show your face well. You need to wear nice clothing. No t-shirts or bikinis. Remember, you want to look your best. Make sure to smile and look friendly and happy. No one wants to see someone who looks miserable or sad in their profile picture. Also, make sure you use recent photos.

There are no other free and easy ways to get dates and meet people other than through an online dating service. Don’t just jump into internet dating blindfolded. Let a dating service help you enjoy singles dating the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.


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